We believe in Missional Communities

Missional Communities are Jesus-centered groups of intimacy and impact, where we seek to grow in love for God and creatively engage in His mission together. Worshiping with a large group of people is great, but people usually need a smaller context where they can know and be known; where they can bring their spiritual gifts and play an active role in the mission. Missional Communities seek to provide that context.

Women at the Well


Wednesday - 9:30Am

Women at the Well is an intergenerational group of women who meet weekly to lift each other up. We endeavor to support each other as we walk with the Lord and to share with each other how Jesus is working in our lives. Just as the Samaritan woman encountered Jesus at the well, we hope to do the same and receive his “living water” (Jn 4:10). We rely on sound biblical teaching, trusted wisdom, and consistent prayer. This Fall, we’ll be working together through Annie Pajcic’s book, Riding Tandem: leaning into the leading of God. Childcare is provided at all our meetings.

Contact:  Robin Perry and Tracy Murphy




Wednesday - 6:15pm

Forward is a dynamic fellowship of high school students who love Jesus, and love being together. We host a weekly Bible study where students are taught to meet the living God through his Word, and are raised up as disciples and leaders in the church. When we’re not doing that, we’re having all kinds of other fun at conferences, Escape rooms, bowling parties, and the like: building community and deepening friendships. We rejoice that students often join our group from non-Christian homes, meet the Lord through our fellowship, and leave for college as leaders.

Contact: Tanner and Stephanie Trotter 




Wednesday - 6:30pm

Frenchtown Missional Community is a long-term, sustainable witness in the Frenchtown Neighborhood to the love and justice of God. We’re invested for the long haul, patiently praying, sowing, caring, and building relationships. While we continue to await the Spirit’s leading to focus our mission efforts, we plan to devote this semester to prayer walks and small service projects in the neighborhood, and to partner with the Alpha Course on Wednesday nights. If you share our heart to see God’s power and purposes unfold in Frenchtown, please get in touch!

Contact: Johana Williams and Karissa Bodoh




Wednesday - 6:30pm

Since 1990, The Alpha Course has run in 169 countries and 112 languages, for over 27 million people. It remains one of the best ways for newcomers to discover what Christianity is all about. Alpha is a weekly meal, a talk, and a small group discussion. No pressure, no judgment, no charge. This Fall, Incarnation will run Alpha for the sixth time. We invite the curious to join us! And we invite evangelists and gatherers in the congregation who know someone they might bring to Alpha to get in touch with us. We plan to start on September 27th, and go away on retreat November 3rd-5th.

Contact: Jon Hall and Claire Sipple 


Levy Park Group

Logo_Levy Park.jpg

Thursday - 6:00pm

Levy Park Missional Community wants to bless the Levy Park neighborhood with the love of God and help make it the awesome neighborhood it aspires to be. Twice a month we host community dinners to meet and love our neighbors, and the other weeks we study Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, learning how to live rich, full lives as followers of Jesus. If you live in Levy Park, or have a friend who does, please reach out to us!

Contact: Henry Miller and Sarah Hall


Inward - Outward


Thursday - 7:15PM

Inward/Outward is an openhearted open house for anyone who needs a place to belong. We build stronger connections with the people in our lives through meals, game nights, time outside, and other social gatherings. We open our homes regularly for Bible study focused on the theme of "gospel invitation," worship, prayer, and life-sharing. We have a particular heart for those who are new or still feel new to Tallahassee and Incarnation. Get in touch if you share our hunger for a close community that disciples us to grow deep relationships with Jesus and each other, and to extend bold, gospel invitation for others to join us. We also have a place for children to hang out and play while we meet, but don't provide formal childcare.

Contact: Jon Orcel and Stefanie Kreamer


The Open Table


Sunday - 1:00pm

A twice-monthly lunch and Bible study, great for Incarnation’s visitors and newer members. We love feeding people fresh, healthy, and delicious food, hot from the oven, and feeding them glorious, eternal, transformative, living bread, hot from heaven. We hold our double-banquets on Sundays after church, on the first and third Sundays of every month. They take place in the home of one of our members, and visitors are most welcome! If you share our love of food, and of feeding people, there’s a place for you here. 

Contact: Elizabeth Joy Hooker and Maiken Day


Matthew 25


BEginning in October

The Matthew 25 Group will be a Men's Bible Study and Prison Ministry. It will be a chance to study the Scriptures and have fellowship with other men, and then put the Word of God into practice by being a light to men at the Wakulla Correctional Institution.

As Jesus said, "I was in prison, and you came to me..." (Matthew 25:36).

Contact: Aaron Taylor