Uganda, Part I

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Hello from the other side! 

As I write this email, I sit looking out the doorway of “The Little Blue Goat”, the guest house where we’ve been staying in Tororo, Uganda. The view from here is absolutely beautiful. We look right out at the local landmark, Tororo Rock-- which is really more of a mountain. Various shades of green foliage and red clay sit in stark contrast against the bright blue skies. I love all of the nature here; my soul was missing it so much in New York! Speaking of which, it’s hard to believe I left there only one week ago. 

Exactly one week ago today (Tuesday June 28th), I was scrambling around trying to pack, send notes, make my final farewell phone calls, etc. I went out of New York the same way I went in: in a rush, and not knowing exactly what I was about to get myself into. To be honest, I felt completely unprepared to board my plane to Uganda. My last week in New York was a mess of emotions. Goodbyes are never easy for me, and this one was especially hard. My team – especially us interns—had done almost EVERYTHING together for the last three and a half months.

Doing ministry already creates a bond between people, but we not only did ministry, we did life together. Unlike most of the other teams, we chose to even spend our “free time” together. These friends were more like family – we saw each other in the morning, and if we didn’t work together that day, we would at least see each other again at dinner and before bed; we saw each other at our best and worst, we laughed and cried, we took pictures and had way too many team jokes… And I was constantly reminded of a quote my pastor shared before I left: “Purpose comes from what you do, joy comes from who you do it with.” The three and a half months I spent in New York were stressful and exhausting, but also some of the most purposeful and joyful I’ve ever had in my life. So, goodbye was hard to say the least, and trying to prepare myself for the next venture was near impossible. But being here I’ve found that it was just as I expected: there was no real way to prepare myself for this anyway.